Sunday 28 March 2010


Volume 1 -

Rolling Stones - Heaven
Dire Straits – Private Investigations
Barrabas – Mellow Blow
Quiet Village – Pillow Talk
Holger Czukay – Hollywood Symphony (Sarcastic Segment)
Severed Heads – We Have Come To Bless This House
Quiet Village – Can’t Be Beat
Gaz Nevada – Special Agent Man (Female Dub)
Flash and the Pan – Walking In The Rain
Quiet Storm - Only You
Alan Parsons Project – The Voice
Herb Alpert – Beyond
Tropea – Funk You See Is The Funk You Do
Ash Ra Tempel – Light: Look At Your Sun
Vangelis – Stuffed Aubergine (Segment)
Jean Luc Ponty – Ethereal Mood

Volume 2 -

Jean Luc Ponty – Cosmic Messenger
Harry Thumann – The Sphinx
Altered Images – Jump Jump
David Keaton – Space Patrol
Moxie 8 – Loving It
Marta Acuna – Dance Dance Dance
UB’s – Got To Get Back To You
Lil’ Louis & The World – Nice N Slow
Lil’ Louis & The World - Nyce & Slo (Tony Humphries Wildlife Mix)
Moton – Baby Batter
Henrik Schwarz – Marvin
Theo Parrish – Solitary Flight

Volume 3 -

Oneness of Juju – Space Jungle Funk
Shuggie Otis – Inspiration Information
Bill Withers – You Got The Stuff
Rose Royce – First Come, First Serve
Bar Kays – Give It Up
Rose Royce – It Makes You Feel Like Dancing
Sapo – Been Had
David Byrne – Big Business
Arthur Russell – Pop Your Funk
Michael Campbell and High Volt - We Are Making Music
Manu Dibango - Abele Dance
Pedestrians – Commuter Fantasy
Alan Parsons – Pipeline

Volume 4 -

Pink Floyd – Any Colour You Like
Electric Souls Orchestra – Love Rockin’
Black Cock - Cosmic
Disco Sucks 2
Bermuda Triangle – Secret Pillow (Prins Thomas Remix Part 1 and 2)
Lindstrom – Paaskelyd
Prince – Hot Thing
Thick as Thieves – Purple Budd
Disco Sucks – Sound of Africa
Thick as Thieves – Feel Da Funk?
Service - Patio of Delights
Bentley Rhythm Ace - How'd I Do Dat (Chicken Lips 3 Course Dub)
Segment of FX and Section Drum

Volume 5 -

Joakim Lone Octet – Sphinx (Next Evidence Remix)
Moodymann – Don’t be Misled
Discocaine – Back to Back
Telex – Moskow Diskow – (Carl Craig Dub)
12th Floor – Get Down – (Domu’s Fat Ass Whoopin’ Mix)
Mad Imbecile – Waiting For A Brain
Marianne Faithfull – Broken English
Vangelis – Dervish D
Marianne Faithfull – Why D’ya Do It
Klaus Schulze – Weird Caravan
Vangelis – The Dragon

Volume 6 -

Pat Metheny Group – Au Lait
The Monks – I Can Do Anything You Like
The Monks – Go
Moton – Discophrenia
Modern Romance – By The Way
Herbie Mann – High Jack (Tangoterje Remix)
Jakki – Sun, Sun, Sun
Copicat – Kaliber
D-Train – Keep On (Vocal)
Rockets – Space Rock
Little Casper and The MX’s – The Ultimate Warlord
Material – Detatched
The Cure – Close To Me (Extended)

Volume 7 -

Rita Jean Bodine – That’s The Kind Of Love I Got For You
Supermax – Allasio
Ruts DC – Weak Heart
Black Cock – Liftoman
Sweet Smoke – Silly Sally
Black Cock – Give It Up
Moton – Listen Here
Phantom Slasher - ????
Better Days – It’s You (Yeah You)
Fashion – Move On
J.E.N. – Afro Maniac

Volume 8 -

Michael Shrieve with Kevin Shrieve and Klaus Schulze – Transfer Station Blue
Haircut 100 – Evil Smokestacking Baby
Level 42 – 43
Spandau Ballet – Chant No.1 (Instrumental)
Prince – Controversy
Five Letters – May I? (Bastedos Edit)
Fern Kinney – Groove Me
Hawkeye – Radar’s Dub
INXS – Need You Tonite
INXS – Mediate
Late…. – Editions Disco
Supermax – African Blood

Volume 9 -

Michael Shrieve with Kevin Shrieve and Klaus Schulze – Nucleotide
Randee Jean – Suzee
Pastrami Man – Whole Lotta Pastrami
Otterman Empire – Private Land
The Mole – Lost in Transvestite
Suicide Sports Club – I Don’t Know (Soul Mekanik’s Mekanikal Mix)
Op:l Bastards – Funkin’
Otterman Empire – Texas Radio
Hawkeye – Fourth-O-77th Dung Dub
Pastrami Man – Pastrami Machine
Magick Edit Allstars – The Music’s Getting Stronger
Lindstrom – Botswana Beduin

Volume 10 -

Gaz Nevada – Living in the Jungle (Jungle Mix)
Fashion – Mutant Dance Move
Visage – We Move (Dance Mix)
Lucious and Palmero – Right Nighter
Human League – You Remind Me Of Gold (Dub)
D-Train – You’re The One For Me (Labour of Love Mix)
Wide Boy Awake – Slang Boy Teacher
Bryan and Zan – Pump Your Body (Club Version)
Laidback – White Horse
Akabu – Watch Yourself (Instrumental)
Creative Use – Even Stevens
Lindstrom – Temperert
Cori Josias – Takin’ It Straight (Dub)
Prins Thomas – Juling I Ringen

Volume 11 -

Bass Kittens – Another Rainy Day
Holger Czukay – Ode To Perfume
Roy Budd – Hallucinations (Instrumental)
Bryan Ferry – Nocturne
Map of Africa – Off The Coast
Santana – Aqua Marine
Pat Metheny – Are You Going With Me?
Masaru Imada – Andalusian Breeze
Incognito – Out Of The Storm (C’s Planet E Special Mix)
Herb Alpert – Rotation
Tropea – Love’s Final Moment
Steve Miller Band – Wild Mountain Honey

Volume 12 -

Lindstrom – Violent Group
Herb Alpert – Rise
Grace Jones – Slave To The Rhythm
Mad Imbecile - I've Got A Brand New Twisted Mullet, Can I Be A Pop Star Too?
Basement Jaxx – Samba Magic (Abstract Mix)
Theo Parrish – Falling Up (Carl Craig Remix)
Discocaine - A Fistful of Dubplates
James Duncan – Yes I can
The Electric South – Sing (Unabombers Electric North Remix)
Julia and Company – Breaking Down
BT Express – Peace Pipe
Bobby Hebb - Sonny

Volume 13 -

Magick Edit Allstars - Extension Of The 3rd Kind
7th Movement - Odyssey (Love Star DiscoMix)
No Tenshun - Ama-Zone ?
Family Of Eve - I Wanna Be Loved By You (Rascal Dub)
Lance Naunce - Dark Days
Soul Mekanik - Kolor Spektrum (Original Mix)
Soul Mekanik - ?
Freaks - You Do It Like That & We'll Do It Like This, Yaaa (DJ Q Remix)
Rob Mello - No Ears Dub
Rob Mello - Io Ears Dub 2
Super Collider - Darn (Harvey's Sudden Impact Dub)
The Electric South - Sing (Unabombers Electric North Remix)
Stranger and Captain Delicious - Punkfloydmovement
Idjut Boys and Laj - Oh La La Tea Party (Crispin J Glover Mix)

Volume 14 -

Les McCann - Harlem Buck Dance Strut
Deepchild - Reconnect
Gaz Nevada - Special Agent Man (Bonus Track)
Alan Parsons - Pipeline
Bell X1 - Flame (Chicken Lips Dub Deluxe)
Trio Exklusiv - Time To Feel (Idjut Boys Dub)
Gino Soccio - Dance 2 Dance
Phantom Slasher - Oochie Coochie
Phantom Slasher - Boguns Run
Phantom Slasher - Ramming Speed
Phantom Slasher - Who Would Be A Traffic Warden (Shithead)
Tony Olando - Don't Let Go
Rita Jean Bodine - That's The Kind Of Love I've Got For You
Gina X - No GDM

Volume 15 -

Lindstrom - Arp She Said
Sade - Why Can't We Live Together
Barry White - Playing Your Game, Baby (Instrumental)
Pink Floyd - Money
ZZ Top - Thug
Skatt Brothers - Walk The Night
Material - Bustin' Out
Gino Soccio - There's A Woman
SJNRL Re-Edits Vol. 4
Product of Society - Space Boogie
Tussle - Disco D'Oro (DJ Spun Version)
The Whitfield Express - The Roller
Ashford & Simpson - Street Corner

Volume 16 -

DJ Harry - Aquarium Man (Stranger Dub)
Bunny Hopper - Chop Shot Chop
Grauzone - Film 2
JEN - Galactica
David Astri - Dancing Digits (Original Album Mix)
Dark Comedy - Make It
Dinosaur - Kiss Me Again
Francine McGhee - Delirium
Lonnie Liston Smith - Space Princess
George Duke - I Want You For Myself
Hugh Masekela - Don't Go Lose It Baby

Volume 17 -

Ugly Edit 2
Yarborough & Peoples - Don't Stop The Music
Mad Imbecile - Ruler Of The Ball-Deep
Sea Level - Fifty-Four
Spymusic - Cloak
Moodymann - Sunday Morning
JEN - Afro Maniac
Shirley Lites - Heat You Up, Wear You Down
Dubious - Cryogenic
Syclops - The E Ticket
C2C4 - Specimen 5
Stevie Wonder - Do I Do

Volume 18 -

Metro Area 4 - Strut
Morgan Geist - Jersey Chica
Morgan Geist - Probs
Morgan Geist - Lullaby
Metro Area - Atmospherique
Morgan Geist - 24K
Kelley Polar Quartet - Astrid And Julia (Live From The Cobra Cabaret In Worcester, MA)
Metro Area 5 - Nerves
Kelley Polar Quartet - Castrovalva (Le Chant Sans Nuances)
Kelley Polar Quartet - Hammer / Anvil
Jersey Social Club - Homage At 121 BPM (Child 13)
Jersey Social Club - Homage At 121 BPM (Barrens Break)
Jersey Social Club - Homage At 121 BPM (Red Repreyes)
Metro Area 5 - Proton Candy
Metro Area 3 - Caught Up
Metro Area 4 - Muira

Volume 19 -

Dayton - The Sound of Music
First Choice - Love Thang
Sandy's Gang - Hungry (Sean P Edit)
Titanic - Macumba (Tangoterje Edit)
Original Disco Ted - Scratching In Your Bed
Kool and The Gang - Open Sesame
BT Express - Peace Pipe (Kenny Dope Dub)
C.Henry Woods Troupe - The Stranger
Third World - Now That We've Found Love
Ugly Edit 7
Kelley Polar Quartet - Parlour Games

Volume 20 -

Robert Schroder - Computervoice
B+ - B-Beat Classic
Wally Badarou - Novela Das Nove (Spiderwoman)
Secret Code
Softmachine Edit
Nova Nova - Bewildered (Maas '1982' Dub)
DJ Buck - Original Cisco Freaks
Soul Patrol - Flex
Malcolm Joseph - I'm Your Eyes (Drums)
Randee Jean - Tokyo Jam
Soft Rocks - Inside The Wave
Rafael Cameron - Boogie's Gonna Get Ya

Volume 21 -

Lucious and Palmero - Right Nighter
Nick Holder - Erotic Illusions (TTR Mix By Steve Bug & Martin Landsky)
Martin Landsky - 1000 Miles
Luke Solomon - Ghouls
Audion - Hot Air
Layo and Bushwacka - Feels Closer (Peace Division Remix)
Argy - Cry Like A Girl
DJ Fame - Name it X
Swag - Wilder Jack (Half Inch Schlumpf)
Argy - Poke Her Flat
H-Man - 51 Poland Street (Extrawelt Remix)
Audiojak - Robot
Akbal Dubroots - Traveller Chex (Original Mix)
Benfay - Pink Silk Panties
Layo and Bushwacka - Feels Closer (Extended Version)

Volume 22 -

Chilled By Nature – Out of The Box (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)
Allez Allez – African Queen (Quiet Village Dub)
Bronx Dogs – Cosmos
Ginny – Can’t be Serious
Force of Nature – Undefeated
Phantom Slasher - ????
Phantom Slasher - ????
Cristal – La Nuit Pour Nous
Coati Mundi – Me No Pop I
Rose Royce – Fire In The Funk
Discognosis – Step by Step (Re-Edit)
L.S.B. – Original Highway Delight (Mungolian Jet Set’s Miami Camp Mix)
Flash and The Pan – Midnight Man
Phantom Slasher - ????

Volume 23 -

Pat Metheny Group - Goin' Ahead / As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls
Grandad Bob – Pictures – Quiet Village Remix)
Rekid – 85 Space
Mark E - Beat Down
Force of Nature – Supernova
Lindstrom – Claudja
Force of Nature – Black Moon (Long Version)
Mark E – De Javu
Gaz Nevada – I.C. Love Affair
B.W.H – Stop
Project Sandro – Blazer

Volume 24 -

Hot Chip - No Fit State (Audion Remix)
Lea Klus - Quatro S
Silver Haze - The Fly In The Machine
Paul Woolford - 313 (Part One)
Equip - XXXO
Paul Woolford - 313 (Part One)
Gavin Froome - Sunsets
Booka Shade - Played Runner ???
Brian Eno & David Byrne - Jezebel Spirit (Peter Black Original Mix)
Roxy Music - Angel Eyes (Re-Edit By Frank Tope & Dean Rudland)
The Glimmers - Time 4 Action (Padded Cell Remix)
Booka Shade - Darko (Radio Slave Remix)
Audion - Mouth To Mouth
Radio Slave - My Bleep (Roman Flugel Remix)

Volume 25 -

Tangerine Dream - The Dream Is Always The Same
Alan Parsons Project - I Robot
Tangerine Dream - No Future (Get Off The Babysitter)
Zazou/Bikaye/CY1* - Dju Ya Feza
Can -....And More
Barrabas - It
Tropea -
Men At Work - Catch A Star
Holger Czukay - Cool In The Pool
Chuck Mangione - Land Of Make Believe
Odyssey - Use Iy Up (Wear It Out)
Barrabas - High Light
Disco/Very - Get It On (Tango Terje Re-Edit)

Volume 26 -

Steve Miller Intro
Tony Sadler - Need Your Love
Better Days - Dancin With The Captain
Chroma Oscura - Glow Worms
Sarr Band - Double Action
Chas Jankel - Glad To Know You
Nick Straker Band - Straight Ahead
Kurtis Blow - The Breaks
Silver Star - Eei Eei O (Vocal)
Steve Miller Band - Swingtown
Nu Yorican Soul - Mind Fluid (Chemidub)
Michael Bundt - The Brain Of Oskar Panizza
Odyssey - Inside Out

Volume 27 -

Soul Mekanik - I'll Call You (Kaghoul Mix)
Ronny and Renzo - Uniqorns (Quiet Village Remix)
Tonic - Joe Who?
No Exit
Force Of Nature - Liberate
Ellis, Beggs & Howard - Big Bubbles, No Troubles (Terminal Mix)
Fre$hro - Spiritual Blues
Onyx - Octagon
Phantom Slasher - ?
Akabu - Watch Yourself (Instrumental)
Yazoo - State Farm (Extended Version)
Sarr Band - Magic Mandrake
Hot Chocolate - Don't Turn It Off

Volume 28 -

7 Inch Special

Shawn Lee – Kill Somebody
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Tonight’s With You
Tom Tom Club – Wordy Rappinghood
George Clinton – Atomic Dog
The Beatles – Day Tripper
Beck – Mixed Bizness
JR Walker & The All Stars - Shotgun
Instant Funk – It Ain’t Reggae (But It’s Funky)
Harold Melvin and The Bluenotes – Don’t Leave Me This Way
Steve Miller Band – Swingtown
Fleetwood Mac – Tusk
Can - ….And More
BT Express – Peace Pipe
Chic – Open Up
Bjorn Torske – Disco Members
Ultrafunk – Kung Fu Man
Zuco 103 – Brazilectro
A Taste of Honey – Boogie Oogie Oogie
UB40 – Don’t Break My Heart
Ike and Tina Turner – Nutbush City Limits
T S Monk – Candidate For Love
The Tams – Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy,
Heatwave – Boogie Nights
Munich Machine – Get on the Funk Train

Volume 29 -

Amon Duul II – Kismet (Pilooski Edit)
James Yorkston – Woozy with Cider (Quiet Village Remix)
Mudd and Pollard – Dub Stavros
Phoreski – Quiet Please
Jackson Jones – Put Your Pants On (Pilooski Dirty Edit)
Lee Jones – There Comes A Time (Prins Thomas Miks)
Justus Kohncke – Advance (Prins Thomas Diskoteks Miks)
The Glimmers – Wanna Make Out (Optimo’s Espacio Dub)
Mojo v Blackjoy – Jump, Stomp and Twist (Blackjoy Re-Dub)
Skinny Joey – Area 45 (Skinny Joe Edit)
Disco Devil – G.A.
The Emperor Machine – Labocatocs
Disco Devil – Devil Love

Volume 30 -

I-Cube – Taurus (Hot Shots Edit) – Versatile
Ronny & Renzo – Uniqorns (Quiet Village Remix)
Unknown – Unknown
Phoreski – Untitled
Freshro – Arrow Highway
Cosmo Vitelli – Delayer (Quiet Village Remix)
Osmonds – III (Quiet Village No Edit)
Gang – KKK
Moxie – Run Disco Run
Tony Sylvester and The New Ingredient – Pazuzu (Prins Thomas Re-Edit)
Soft Rocks – Untitled
Queen – Dragon Attack
Talking Heads – Naïve Melody (Live)
Voyage – I Love You Dancer

Volume 31 -

Rhythm Machine – Put a Smile on Time
Afrobutt – Farewell
Segun Bucknor – You Killing Me
Track from Inner City Sounds LP
Blo – Miss Sagit
Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love
Moton – Lotta Love
How and Why? – East Coast/West Coast
Goody Goody – Esto Parese Amor (Love Vibes)
Eddy Grant – Nobody’s Got Time
Box Saga – Positive Sweat
The B Bomber – The Final
Roland Louis – Play The Fool (Nightclub Re-Edit by RV)
D-Train – Keep On (Remix)
Gunchback Boogie Band – Funn

Volume 32 -

Mudd - Spielplatz (Quiet Village Remix)
Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days
LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends (DJ Harvey Remix)
Alan Parsons Project - Mammagamma
Soft Rocks - Midnight Drive
Force of Nature - Transmute
Kid Creole - Double on Back
Trussle - Love Injection
Kwanzee Posse - Wicked Funk
Mudd - Garden Love Fat
Rise - Action
William Pitt - City Lights

Volume 33 -

Badly Drawn Boy - Promises (Mountain Of One Version)
Linda Da Franco - The Boss
Wings - Let Me In
Alan Parsons Project - I Wouldn't Wanna Be Like You
Steve Winwood - Spanish Dancer
The Undisputed Truth - Tazmanian Monster
The Seven Seas Players - Spasticus Autisticus (Version)
Kevin Harrison - Ink Man
Wolfmother - Love Train (Chicken Lips Malfunction Dub)
Rodion - Fisico (Extended Version)
Thugfucker - 100
Beautiful Ballet - Energy (Rudy's Remix)
Music Cargo - Ich Geh Den Weg Mit Dir
Yoko Ono - Walking On Thin Ice
Neon - My Blues Is You (Slow Dub)

Volume 34 -

David Bowie - Golden Years
The Aliens - Robot Man
Mindless Boogie - Shake (Skinny Joey Edit)
Wings - Goodnight Tonight
Was (Not Was) - Out Come The Freaks (Predominantly Funk Version)
UB's - Bee Sting
Cameo - It's Serious
Jorge Santana - Darling I Love You (Underdog Edit)
The Paper Dolls - Get Down Boy (Additional Edits By Love On The Run)
Alphonse Mouzon - I'm Glad That You're Here (Vocal)
Smith and Mudd - Shulme

Volume 35 -

Aeroplane - Aeroplane
The Chemical Brothers - The Boxer (DFA Version)
Linda Jane Bull - Knowing Me Knowing You
Double - Woman Of The World (Long Intrumental Version)
Sorceror - Surfing At Midnight (Prins Thomas Miks)
Kenny Hawkes & David Parr - Gemini
Douglas Sound - Breakwind
Black Joy - Moustache (Prins Thomas Diskodub)
Square One - Vesuvius (Original Mix)
Kurt Van Eeghem - China Jon
Douglas Sound - Do Right
Plus - Triple Journey (Original Flavour)

Volume 36 -

Isolee - It's About - (Lopazz Und Casio Casinos Maxi Mix)
MAW - Tranz
Johnny Fiasco - Frozen Bass Volume 1- Believe This
Mitsu - Shylight
Moodymann - JAN
Common Factor - Pisces Groove
Two Lone Swordsmen - Gay Spunk
Tony Watson - Ghetto in the Wax
Lindstrom - Another Station (Todd Terje Remix)
Bushwacka - Long Distance
Moby - New York, New York (Radio Slave's Not Long Now Remix)
Argy - Poke Her Flat
Bushwacka - Back To Point Zero
Argy - Night Ritual (End Segment)

Volume 37 -

John Miles - Stranger in the City (Pilooski Edit)
Linkwood Family - Piece of Mind
Hatchback - White Diamond (Prins Thomas Miks Del 1 & 2)
Linkwood - Hear The Sun
Moton Records Inc - In The City (Re-Adjustments by Diesel and Jarvis)
Shock - R.E.R.B
Mirage - Woman (Vocal 1983)
Warriors - Willie and The Hand Jive
Debbie Jacobs - High On Your Love
The Popular People's Front - Stop On By (LeoZero Edit)
Shuggie Otis - Strawberry Letter 23 (One Rascal Edit)
Luna Party.....

Volume 38 -

Walter Carlos – Summer (Segment)
Flash and the Pan – California
Map of Africa – Map of Africa (Instrumental)
Congo’s – Congo Man
Chaba Fedela & Cheb Sahroui – N’Sel Fik
Maynard Ferguson – Swamp
Crosby, Stills and Nash – Dark Star
Guem and Zaka Percussion – Le Serpent
Masaru Imada – Nowin
Fania Allstars – Coro Miyare
Genie Brown/Tribe – I Can’t Stop Talking/Koke
DJ Harvey – Drums in 6 Twelve
Bad Manners – Bang The Drum (Dub)
Moton – Sweet Drums
Moton – Blue Operator
Ark – Le Magicien D’os (Mr Oizo Remix)

Volume 39 -

Material – Over and Over (Long Version)
Serena – Get Your Body Up (Instrumental)
Stone – Time (Vocal)
The Yorkshire Rapper – Put Our Heads Together
Love Unlimited Orchestra – Theme From King Kong (Danny Krivit’s “Breakdown” Edit)
The Yorkshire Rapper – Keep On Gittin Down Ya’ll
Disco Sucks 2
Prins Thomas – Morning Dew
K.I.D. – Hupendi Muziki Wangu (You Don’t Like My Music?!)
J.E.N. – Space Drums
Shannon – Let The Music Play
Z-Factor – You Make Me Feel (Feel The Beats)
Wickett – Can’t Get Enough Of You (Long Version)

Volume 40 -

Holger Czukay – Perfume
Prins Thomas – Bylos
Quiet Village – Free Rider
Allez Allez – African Queen
Mudd and Smith – Vegetable Square
Caia – Le Telecabine
Kikrokos – Life is a Jungle
Prins Thomas – El Toro
The Popular People’s Front – Stop on By (LeoZero edit)
Black Cock – Love Is Everything
The Hollies – Draggin’ My Heels
Sutherland Brothers and Quiver – The Pie
Flash and the Pan - Ayla

Volume 41 -

Lovefingers - Astroturf
East Side - Studio
Lovefingers - Bermuda
Beard Science - Ark Raiders (T.Tauri Edit)
Simone Ferdi - Belzebu Tales
They Came From The Stars: I Saw Them - Signals (Emperor Machine Dub)
Nick Chacona - Eagle City
Beard Science - Hold Me Longer (Jininchi Rework)
Escape From Chinatown - Green
Nick Chacona - Mariachi
Les Edts Du Golem - Klout
They Came From The Stars: I SawThem - Signals (Album Version)

Volume 42 -

Soft Rocks - Chocolate Love EP 1
Moton Inc - Toque De Cuica
Clive Stevens - Brainchild - Mystery Man
Phoney - Groupie
Woolfy - The Growler (Woolfy Edit)
Moton Inc - Kane's Spanish Home (Citizen's Arrangement)
Les Edits Du Golem - Sumak
Beard Science - Martian Mirrorball (Oswego Music Edit)
El Coco - Afrodesia/Coco Kane (Eddie Tour Edit)
My Cousin Roy - In For It

Volume 43 -

Bronx Dogs - 212 (The Weya Funk)
Major Force - The Re-Return Of The Original Art-Form (DJ Harvey Returns To The Original Artform)
Kenny Dope Remix
Rahzel - If Your Mother Only Knew (Live)
Beastie Boys - Hey Ladies
Erik B + Rakim - Paid In Full (Seven Minutes Of Madness - The Coldcut Remix)
Masters At Work - Justa "Lil" Dope
23 Skidoo - Coup
The Bhagwan Love Example (Beat Attack)
Cypress Hill - I Ain't Goin' Out Like That
Common Ground - Get Yourself Together
Black Star - Definition
Rahzel - All I Know
Busta Rhymes - Light Your Ass On Fire
Kid Koala - Scratchhappyland (Segment)
Invisbl Skratch Piklz vs. Da Klamz Uv Deth
Kid Koala - Scratchhappyland (Segment)

Volume 44 -

René Breitbarth - Zak
Jacob London - Skid Topper
Thugfucker - 100 (Gwen Maze Remix)
Silver Haze - Silver Bugg
Stereo MC's - Paradise (Paul Daley Vocal Mix)
Codebase - Seek And Destroy
René Breitbarth - McCracken
Gwen Maze - Go Vi Take
X-Press 2 - Don't Make Me Wait
X-Press 2 - Recharge
Laid Featuring Derek Conyer - No More Games
Henrik Schwarz & Klas Lindblad - Extra Stop
Lindstrom - Jodleknappen
LCD Soundsystem - Get Innocuous! (Soulwax Remix)
Holy Ghost - Hold On

Volume 45 -

Richie Hawtin - (R)Edit #2 (Range'd)
Lev Lee - Dadna Panoga
Melchior Productions - The Later The Evening...
Lev Lee - Synthaxis
Trapez - Ltd 21
Robag Whrume - Wortkabular
Pantytec - Doubledip Uuh..
Akufen - The Unexpected Guest
Inchundu - Hey (Original)
D.Diggler - Barverbot
Mark Farina - Radio
Alton Miller - ???
DJ K-Alexi - From The Front Or From The Back (Mike Dunn Mix)
Felix and Sly - Come A Little Closer (Acid Mix)
DJ Gregory - The Joburg Theme (Dub Du Cerf)
Lopazz - Migracion (Luciano's Camaleon Rmx)

Volume 46 -

Michael Bundt - Tropic Of Night Frost (segment)
Flash and The Pan - Hole In The Middle
Le Pamplemousse - Monkey See, Monkey Do
Le Edits Du Golem - Pyramide
Nona Hendryx - Transformation
Lexx - El Sueño Lúcido
Mudd - Adventures In Bricket Wood (Ray Mang Beats)
Rekid - Lost Star
Discothèque - Disco Special
J.E.N - Keep On Dreaming
Grayhound TP
Rekid - Ill Discotto
Rekid - 85 Space
Lovefingers - Bermuda
Dusty Springfield - That's The Kind of Love I Got For You

Volume 47 -

Walter Carlos - Fall
LCD Soundsystem - Us V Them (Any Color You Like Remix By Windsurf)
Robert Palmer - You Are In My System
Kamasutra - Running Away
Fre$hro - San Dimas 3000
Lexx - Axis Shift
Chin Chin - Appetite (Chicken Lips Dub)
Thomas Di Matteo - My Love
Justus Kohncke - Elan (Prins Thomas Versjon)
Brennan Green - Little Ease (Version)
Mudd - Adventures In Bricket Wood (Prins Thomas Discomiks)
Seelenluft - Manilla (Headman Vocal Mix)

Volume 48 -

Bryan Ferry - Nocturne
The Blue Nile - Heatwave (Instrumental)
Jon and Vangelis - I Hear You Now
Kim Carnes - Draw Of The Cards
Klaus Weiss - Dirt Track
Edwin Starr - Get Up (Whirlpool)
Soft Rocks - Look East
Radiance - This Is A Party
Ronnie Hudson and The Street People - West Coast Poplock
My Cousin Roy - Frozen
Dinosaur L - Clean On Your Bean
Jamaica Girls - Need Someone New
Cerrone - Supernature

Volume 49 -

Sound 5 - Surface Noise
Little River Band - It's A Long Way There
The Poets - Fun Buggy
Musical Youth - Pass The Dutchie
Wang Chung - The Reggae (Instrumental)
Dennis Parker - Fly Like An Eagle
Space - Magic Fly
Duran Duran - Like A Prayer
Linda Jane Bull - Wake up and Make Love To Me
Mandre - Solar Flight
Bumrocks - Chunky Stub
Fatback Band - Backstrokin'
Doobie Brother - What A Fool Believes
Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
Kraftwerk - The Model

Volume 50 -

Woolfy - A Pint A Day (Woolfy Edit)
Kaine - Boogiue Chillum
40 Thieves - Dark and Long
Ozo - Anambra
Lurifax - Need Someone
LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 (Part 1)
DJ Spun - Colours
LCD Soundsystem - 45:33 (Part 3)
Binary Chaffinch - False Energy
Digitaline - Honolulu (Luciano’s Liliuokalani Remix)

Volume 51 -

Walter Jones - All God's Children (Maurice Fulton Remix)
Partial Arts - Telescope (Radioslave's Prenzlauer Blur Remix)
Totem Test Pressing
C++ - Sure
Isolee - (Non Radio Edit)
Buckfunk 3000 - My Frannie Valentine
Moby - New York, New York (Remix)
Booka Shade - Darko (Tiefschwarz Remix)
Honolulu (Digitaline’s Kamehameha I.)

Volume 52 -

Playgroup - Pressure
Simple Minds - League Of Nations
Phoreski - Quiet Please!
Chris Rea - On The Beach (Special Extended Remix)
40 Thieves - Freak With Me (In The Mix)
Chas Jankel - 3,000,000 Synths
Chicken Lips - Eggy's Pause Button (Idjut Boys Remix)
Street Corner Symphony - The Fifth Symphony (Moist Mix)
Pimp Daddy Nash - Our Man In Stockholm (U-Star Remix)
Steely Dan - Do It Again
Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra
Iz and Diz - Mouth (Brad Peep's Remix For Friends)
Thumbs Aloft - Stick Around

Volume 53 -

Green Thumb - Pequenos
Coco Steel and Lovebomb - Great Ocean Road
Trulz and Robin - Infinite Mind (Maurice Fulton Remix)
Airmale - Brainwashed
Leftfield - 6/8 War
DJ Downfall - ??
Rune Lindbæk & Lindstrøm - Alien In My Pocket (Prins Thomas Remix)
Kathy Diamond - Sunshine (Instrumental)
Manhead - Sister
Lexx - Waiting For A Dub
Akimbo Return To The Volcano (Akwaaba RMX)
Sheila E. - A Love Bizarre

Volume 54 -

Metro Area 4 - Muira
Metro Area LP - Orange Alert
Metro Area 3 - Tonky Pumpz
Metro Area - Piña
Metro Area 2 - Machine Vibes
Metro Area 4 - Let's Get...
Morgan Geist - Epoch
Metro Area 6 - Honey Circuit
Kelley Polar Quartet - Maurizio
Metro Area 2 - The Art Of Hot
Daniel Wang - Nights In Berlin
Morgan Geist - Sleaze
Metro Area 3 - Evidence
Metro Area 6 - Rhythm Reel #6
Metro Area - Rainy Street Feeling

Volume 55 -

Steve Miller Band - Electro Lux Imbroglio
Steve Miller Band - Sacrifice
Tonic - Plat Du Jour
Matthew Herbert Big Band - ??
Cat People - Irena's Theme
Various - Music For Dancefloors: The Cream Of The Bosworth Library Sessions
Holger Czukay - Two Bass Shuffle
Moodymann - ??
Boo Williams - Mortal Trance
Triangle Orchestra - What It Is (Version Three)
DJ Harvey - girth soup
Lindstrom and Prins Thomas - Claudio
Morgan Geist - Linking Tunnel
How and Why - Cruising (Original)
Dirty Jesus - Don't Fuck With My Shit (Late Night Cruisin Mix)

Volume 56 -

Black Cock Intro
Maurice Fulton Presents Stress - My Gigolo
Dr.John - Jet Set (Instrumental)
Police - Voices In My Head
Triangle Orchestra @ 137 (Chicken Lips Scratch Dub)
Annie - The Greatest Dub
Ugly Edits 8
Lanier - 25 Hours (Part 2) (DJ Friendly Re-Edit)
The League Unlimited Orchestra - Things That Dreams Are Made Of
Material - Secret Life
Mandrill - Can You Get It (Suzie Ceasar)
UB's - You Can Get It
Lionel Richie - All Night Long (Instrumental)

Volume 57 -

Seasons Test Pressing
PokerFlat Test
Cpen - Nouveaux
PokerFlat Test
Phonique - Monster
Street Corner Symphony - Memories Of Aphrodite (Chicken Lips All Night Dub)
Emperor Machine - Who You? (Full Length Version)
Digital Boogie - Funknose
Halo - Surroundings
The Bacon Smugglers - Naming My Bacon
Karnak - White Rain

Volume 58 -

Atmosfear - Invasion
Billy Paul - East (Moton Edit)
Elkie Brooks - Rising Cost Of Love (Moton Edit)
Stephanie Mills - Put Your Body In It
Unlimited Touch - Searching To Find The One
Ahzz - New York Movin'
Machine - There But For The Grace Of God Go I
South Shore Commission - Free Man (Francois K Edit)
The Jacksons - Hum Along And Dance
Basement Jaxx - Arpino Jam
Panda Bear - Bros

Volume 59 -

Tiedye - Nothing Else Matters
Gatto Fritto - Clem's Bounce
Bobby Peru - Erotic Discourse (Greg Wilson Edit)
Loud E - Jungleman Life
C.O.M.B.I.2 - It A Late
Black Disco - Cum n' Go
Slave - You + Me
Skatebard - Pagans
Botox - Babylon By Car - Invisible Scum Remix
Next Evidence - The Joint
Kaine - Spacetalk004 Test Pressing
Botox - Babylon By Car - Padded Cell Remix
Nona Hendryx - Funkyland

Volume 60 -

Rita Jean Bodine - I've Been So Long
Messina and Loggins - Pathway To Glory
Tiago - Von Pili (Tiago's Edit)
Phantom Slasher - Bethlehem
Mark E and Dragon - Good Times (Quiet Village Remix)
Maelstrom - The Duke (Maelstrom Edit)
Golden Goose - Kundalini
Loud E - Au Paradise
Desmond Child - Our Love Is Insane (Special Disco Mix)
Eddy feat Yannah - Solid Ground (Crazy P Remix)
Tako - Space Fever

Volume 61 -

Jacques Renault – Bad Skin Effect
Challenge – Thirst (on 33)
Tantra – Wishbone (on33)
Divine Edits – Sermon (Serotonin Edit)
The Creatures – Dance of the Silver Girls
Lunar Jam – Over and Over
The Glimmers - Music For Dreams
Mark E – Smokescreen
The Emperor Machine – Box Dub
Spectral Empire – Interfearence
Loud E – Afrika Afrika
Jacques Renault – Bad Skin Effect (Reprise)
Tom Croose - Never Going Back Again (Tom Croose Edit)

Volume 62 -

Jean Luc Ponty – Renaissance (on 33)
Feasol – Ongou (Idjut Boys Brown Thumb Mix)
Gypsy Kings – Faena
Divine Edits – Heaven
Tony Esposito – Je-Na
Chilled By Nature – Go Forward (Love Bubble Mix)
Gatto Fritto – Invisible College
A Mountain of One – Ride (Time and Space Machine Mix)
Mindless Boogie – Stripper (Lexx Edit)
History Clock Presents The Fitzcarraldo Variations – The Magnificent
Mindless Boogie – Hold On To Your Mind (Maelstrom Edit)
Linda Law – Nights In White Satin
Golem – We Have it Made

Volume 63 -

Das Etwas - Change
Fontän - Early Morning
Ronny & Renzo - Big Smack And Flies
Spectral Empire - The Minotaur
In Flagranti - Personal Angst
Mutron - Alone (Ronny & Renzo Remix)
Soft Rocks - Umut 2000
Angela - Gotta Little Love
Ian Hunter - Bastard (A Mountain Of One's Rework)
Needa - Come On And Rock
Rat Salad Edits - War In Peacetime (A Rat Salad 33 Edit)

Volume 64 -

Ashra – Oasis
Space Truckin – Galactic Haulage Edits 1 – Shoots of Mind
The Revenge – Night Flight
Instruments of Rapture - Nights Over Memphis (The Revenge Dub)
Loud E - Drums Dutour II
Willie Hutch – In and Out
Loud E - I Don't Wanna Go
The Revenge - Savin' The Day
Phoreski – 80’s Boy
Universal Energy – Disco Energy
Glass Candy - Miss Broadway (After Dark)

Volume 65 –

Willie Hutch – Brother’s Gonna Work It Out
Loud E – Afrika Afrika
Mike Burns - Everybody's Mantra
Euler - Conservation Of Momentum (Segment)
The Off Key Hat - Emergency Calling
Euler - Conservation Of Momentum (Segment)
6th Borough Project - The Formula (Dub Vibes)
Phoreski - Lonely Man
Junior Byron - Dance To The Music (Dub Version)
Rat Salad Edits - Dynamite (Rat Salad Edit)
The Popular People’s Front - Listen To The Music
Galactic Haulage Edits 1 – Jin Gong Lo Bah
A.L-T’s Summer Outings – Islamabad Serena
Map Of Africa - Creation Myth

Volume 66 -

Phoreski - Connective Issue
Africa Suite – Side B
Mike Burns – Disco Child
Loud E – I’m So High
Giorgio Farina – Farina’s Suite
Free Disco – Hippie Can Dance With Boogie (Stevie Kotey Remix)
T & T – Don’t Stop (T & T Version)
Popular People’s Front – Funk Encounters of the Nerd Kind
Ashra – Club Cannibal
Bruno Cried – No One Has Ever Pinned Anything On Me

Volume 67 -

Lurifax – Afro Beach
Unknown Rong Edit
Black Cock – Lovefinger
Rubber Room – Pudding (Rubber Room Re-Rub)
Black Lodge – Black Lodge Editions Volume 2
The Popular People’s Front – Pull Up
Phantom Slasher – Nicoteen
Loud E – Robolove
Glass Candy – The Chameleon
Goat Dance – High Voltage
Illusion – Why Can’t We Live Together
Smith and Mudd – The Delivery Man
Chromatics – In The Headlites (Extended Version)
Chromatics – I’m On Fire (Crosstown)

Volume 68 -

A Mountain of One – Ride (Fontån Rework)
Ashra - Morgana Da Capo
Unknown - Make Dance
Konk - Konk Party (Uptown Breakdown)
Lee Douglas – Fuego
Phoreski - Bared Low
Unknown – Rong Edit of Klout
Light of the World – I Shot The Sheriff (Extended Mix)
Evelyn "Champagne" King – Shame
Moxie - Beyond Jupiter
Arpadys - Monkey Star (Original Mix)
Rubber Room - Take Me
David Bowie – Stay
Johnny Bristol – Woman, Woman

Volume 69 -

Beard Science - Blue Too (Willy Japan Edit)
Chateau Marmont – Maison Klaus
Beard Science - Whistler's Mother (Maelstrom Edit)
Jacques Renault - Bad Skin Effect
Beard Science - After The Storm (Oswego Basement Edit)
Soft Rocks – Dlalulac
Al Usher – Gnanfou
Gatto Fritto - Bursting The Bubble
Das Etwas - International News
Soft Rocks - Light Bulb
Al Usher - Gnanfou (Swag's Gnanby Dub)
Challenge – Zimmer
Hiem - Clubscene Popscene (Prins Thomas Diskotek Miks)
Discodeine – Joystick
The Popular People’s Front - My Baby Stays Out All Night

Volume 70 -

Sound Stream - "Live" Goes On
The Popular People’s Front - Keep Doin' Your Dance
History Clock Presents The Fitzcarraldo Variations – Mediterraneans
The Popular People’s Front - Man Love
The Revenge - Unfinished Edits Are Out Of My Hands
Lunar Jam - Our Feel Love
Adultnapper – Tewa (Beat Pharmacy Remix)
Photonz - Glass Onion
Acid Angels - Speed Speed Ecstacy (Rev Mix3)
Das Etwas - Memories Of Kyoto
Loud-E-Fied Discoproduction - Robotism Pt III
The Popular People’s Front - Church Love
H-Track Edits Series Disk 1 - Zulu

Volume 71 -

Donald Byrd - Love Has Come Around (Discolexic Edit)
Justus Köhncke - 2 After 909
Rubber Room - Tonight’s The Night
J-Disco - My Thing (J-Disco's Re-Edit)
The Who - Eminence Front (Extended Edit)
DJ Bertram – 9am Tool
House Of House - The Rough Half (Don't Stop)
Black Cock - Blue Love
Andreas Vollenweider - Belladonna (TangoTerje Edits)
Convertion - Let's Do It
Hot Chocolate – Mindless Boogie
Tako – Data Transfer
Toto – Rosanna
Superfly Original Soundtrack – Junkie’s Chase

Volume 72 -

Lamont Dozier – Going Back To My Roots (Danny Krivit Edit)
Jacques Renault – Bad Skinned
Pat Les Stache – Bamboo Boogie
Rubber Room – Taliban Discotheque
Soft Rocks – Chocolate Love EP 2
The Andrew Allsgood Experience – He Travels Far
Yellow Sunshine – Yellow Sunshine
The Andrew Allsgood Experience – Macho Wizard
Soft Rock Segment
Gabor Szabo – Spellbinder
Soft Rocks – Chocolate Love EP 2
Jimmy Ross – First True Love Affair (Eddie Tour Edit)
Jacques Renault – Tuxedo Dance
Motown Sounds – Bad Mouthin’
Linda Law – All The Night

Volume 73 -

Goat Dance – Sizzle
Luke Solomon – Demons (Brennan Green Remix)
Those Norwegians – Hurdy Burdy
Basement Jaxx – Deep Jackin’
Audio Dub Odyssey – This Dub (Mirage Mix – Pete Moss)
Mr Negative – Star Spangled Banger (Thirsty Monk Mix)
TC1991 – Berry (Fratty Energy Version)
The Emperor Machine – Rimramramrim (Ava’s Uninterrupted Version)
Crime – Breaking Point
Home and Garden – Find Your Love (The Clockwork Re-Shuffle)
House of House – Rushing To Paradise (Walking The Streets)
Isolee – Beau Mot Plage

Volume 74 -

Soft Rocks - Chocolate Love EP 2
Super Jay - Super-Jay Love Theme
Edgar Winter - Above And Beyond (Edit)
Loud-E-Fied Discoproduction - Ann "M" Madness
Unknown - Sir Mr Doctor To You
Sine - Mosquito Walk
T&T - Stevie (T&T Variation)
Black Lodge - Black Lodge Editions Volume 2
Ian Dury - Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
George Kranz - Din Da Da
Konk - Club Attack
Randee Jean - Pruning
Chris Rea - On The Beach (Megamix)

Volume 75 -

1. ?
2. ?
3. ?
4. Mudd - 54B (Ray Mang Acid Reflux)
5. Telemusic Remixed - Meteor One (Bonar Bradberry Edit)
6. Scandal - Just Let Me Dance (Leo Zero)
7. C.O.M.B.i - Keep A Burning
8. Black Disco - Real Good Time (Julien Love Edit)
9. ?
10. Keith Barrow - Turn Me Up

Volume 76 -

Volume 77 -

Volume 78 -

Le Disco - Tele Music Remixed - All The Bass (Phoreski Mix)
Organik - Dillusions
Meanderthals - Desire Lines
Radiohead - Reckoner - (Johnny Miler Remix)
Damiano Digglerelli & Philippo Ransullo - Cylons
Ultravox - Herr X
Steve Kotey and Max Essa - 1988
Yello Power - Hai Samurai
The Pool - Jamaica Running
Steve Kotey and Max Essa - 1978 It Felt Great
Afrobutt - Cracks All Gone
AN-2 - From Now On ('Samos Dropped In' Version)
Soft Rocks - Leave Your Earth Behind (Roots Unit's 'Goodbye Earth' Remix)
Tarnished Thighs - Butter Ball Rock
Popular People's Front - Cosmic Chocolate
Escape From New York - Fire In My Heart
Queen - Calling All Girls
Special Secret Spotters Outro - Will be revealed in a later mix.

More music to come very soon.......